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inspired by the bounty of fresh produce in california, our menu is created by collaborating with local farmers and small batch masters of their craft.

we use organic and locally sourced produce, buying weekly from the farmers markets. our menu changes seasonally. we serve 100% organic and sustainable products.

We have traveled all over the US to curate the best selections of cured meats and cheese from small batch family owned farms that are free range and sustainable.

we have also procured a divine selection of Vegan & Vegetarian meats & cheeses in addition to our to die for dips and tapenades which are also offered vegan & or vegetarian, gluten free and just all around pure and simple and good for you.

our platters come ready to devour with our harvest baskets and sustainable serving and eating utensils.

we look forward to offering you the best of the best for your next private event, open house, private aviation catering, holidays, conference, retreat, christening, briss, wedding, engagement party, picnic, get togethers and lovely nights in.

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